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Fragment Series

The Fragment Series was inspired by the riches of the ancient world. The marble column sections that have survived centuries bare witness to the durability and grandeur of the lost temples of those civilizations. These smaller marble fragments are created by Donna Veverka to allow the wearer to see and feel the power of ancient architectural relics.

A visit to Carthage in Tunis, 2019
Tumbling Fragments Necklace

Each piece of marble column is carved and shaped from a block of marble - just as they were in antiquity. The solid Sterling silver mounts are fitted to each fragment, and are uniquely shaped for each design. This use of pegs, rivets and straps derives from the iron work used to support the parts of historical structures that still survive today.

These miniature column fragments are each hand carved by Donna from a block of marble and each one is different - with a different base and strap and post design. This makes them one-of-a-kind. Some examples shown have sold but we wanted you to see the whole collection. (More about the process)

This series is no longer being produced -

but we wanted you to see these past editions, all one-of-a-kind!

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