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Suit of armor from Higgins Armory
Fleur di lis cuff
Detail of helmet from Higgins Armory
Quatrefoil Cuff
Basilica Maxintius Cuff
Coffered detail of Roman Ceiling
Spiral staircase bracelet
Staircase in Noto, Sicily
Iron Work Cuff
Siracusa balcony detail
Roman Tiber River ring
Link and Strap Bracelet
Door stud detail
Criss Cross Cuff Bracelet
FFlorentine brick fencing detail

Fashion and Defense. These cuffs and bangles are some of my signature works. Inspired by research and travel, bracelets are the perfect compliment to the Architectural rings. These sturdy, form-fitting works are ready to defend the castle! I use traditional smithing techniques like riveting and forging to create these bracelets. I also embrace my inner warrior princess when I cast traditional blade and arrow forms for my "charms". Sterling silver is my medium of choice. Every piece is carefully finished with attention to hammer marks, burnished edges and contrasts between matte surfaces, highly polished accents and blackened silver to emphasize the sculptural qualities.

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