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Next stop Baltimore 
May 20-22, 2022

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About The Fragment Collection


I am inspired by the mystery and faded glory of ancient architectural fragments and the cultures they represent. Visiting ruins kept ‘in situ’ is a visceral experience of history. It is akin to time travel - you are where they were built, feel the textures of what remains and sense the awesome scale. My interest is in how we view these ancient survivors of once powerful civilizations. They created monumental architecture to last–and now, even reduced through the ages to a pile of rubble–they make an impact.


I began to reflect on how modern civilization displays these remarkable objects of the past. They are strapped into place, piled neatly, or carefully displayed in museums. I zoom in and look at the pins, straps, and metal connections that have to be strong enough to hold the marble together.


I purposefully carve my fragments into a state that references time. I create scars and breaks in the marble; distressing them and oxidize the sterling to give it a feeling of the ages. I hope the pieces tell a story about the past and about the rise and fall of some of the greatest builders in history. I want to engage the viewer in the mystery of what time has done to shape these monuments into what we see today.

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