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Just back from more travel research: Tunisia (Carthage), Rome (of course!) and Paris! (finally!)

Come visit me this weekend at Lincoln Center! CraftNewYork is Saturday and Sunday 10 - 7, 10 - 5

Show info here:

I am in booth# E503

These photos were taken in Rome's old port city of Ostia Antica. We spent the whole day in this massive, well preserved park near the Fiumicino airport (yes, really!) and got some great shots - PLUS the Poppies were in rare form!!

Fragment series ring and earring group in Ostia

more from the fragment series here


We then visited Carthage and the ruins of the Antonin Baths there - WOW!!

We had a nice vacation and research trip - so many sites and images, fantastic inspiration.

Come by the show in NYC if you can, we can swap stories and you can see the new work I have been creating!

Aqueduct ring and one of the ancient aqueducts that inspired it ( this one in in Tunis, Tunisia - ancient city port of Carthage)

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