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Woot Woot! Off to Baltimore ACC soon...

We love how this biggest-of-all-the-Craft-shows becomes a deadline for the start of a New Season! 2020 boom!

I get a lot of excitement making a new collection like the "Pointed Rings" (pictured above) or carving several new architectural rings to have some really fresh things to show my people at Baltimore - they always LOVE to see what's new - and I don't want to disappoint them. Here are a couple of new photos too of what I have been finishing up and photographing over the last few weeks:

This stunner is the Folded Triangle Cuff (open above and closed below)

This is a new arcade ring - it has a reference to the mighty Colosseum in Roma, "Colosseum Arcade Ring" this and three of the point rings are all brand new carvings - hope you guys like them!

Another new group I finished is a little daintier - but dark and sparkling!! These two beaded necklaces feature hematite and spinel faceted stones and sterling silver dangles.

Hope to see you soon!

Let me know what you like...

All the best in 2020!!

- Donna V

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